Mobile Ready Websites

Over 50% of web browsing is now done via mobiles and tablets. We will make your site mobile ready and fully responsive

At the end of 2017 for the first time over half of all online traffic is coming from Mobile Devices

  • As of November 2017 mobile devices (phones and tablets) account for 51% of internet traffic
  • Even if they own a desktop computer 85% of all users prefer to go online with their mobile device
  • Mobile device use has increased rapidly and is predicted to continue doing so over the next 24 months
  • Google has already stated that any website not optimized for mobile use, i.e. mobile friendly will be penalized in the search engine rankings. This is happening right now!
  • Research shows that 91% of all mobile users will immediately leave a site that is not mobile ready
  • Any business that depends on SEO for traffic and is either unprepared for this, or unaware of this, could be destroyed overnight by the loss of traffic

We will optimize your site for mobile devices, we will make it mobile friendly. Result – lower bounce rate, users spending more time on your site and a boost in the search engine rankings from our friend Google.